Back When

Her mind is not in reality,

but back when they were young

And life was all about living

Love was in their eyes and smiles

They remembered everything

From the first date to their first kiss

But now he has to remind her of

who he is because she only remembers

him back when they first met

Her memory may be faded

frayed from all the years

but his love never weakens

Sometimes a glimmer of recognition

lights her beautiful blue eyes

A smile adores her wrinkled face

His heart beats a happy tune

in those special moments

before she goes back when

Eyes To See Past The Heart Ache

She searches for the

Love that once filled

Her broken heart

But the pieces scattered

In nothing but pain

Strewn into a jumble despair

Eyes fell to see past

A heart ache that

Leaves a numbness in

Depth of her soul

Where love once resided

Now her trust is lost

In the pain that

Is breaking her into nothing

If only her eyes could

Focus on what once was

And not on what

They have become

Our Field Of Flowers



In each sunrise you live on

The scent of wild flowers bring memories of you

smiling your easy smile, dancing among the

beautiful field of flowers

The sunlight shining on the most gorgeous lady,

prettier than a picture,

but now that you’re gone all I have

is a picture of you, and the memories

of us on a mountain sunrise with wild flowers

Becoming Amish(Short snippet)

                                                          CHAPTER TWO

     Justin Coleman plastered himself behind an enormous Cedar tree, snickering at the Amish kid running.  Sweat dribbled down his evil black eyes, making them sting.  He preferred to be in a nice cool room with an air conditioning, sipping a cold beer, but he was out in the middle of an Amish community searching for a daughter he thought was dead.   Maddie, his wife, claimed the child died in childbirth, but recently he’d learned Maddie had given the child up for adoption without his permission.  He’d been drunk the night she’d gone into labor and not witness the birth.

     The heat seemed bitterly hot to his flushed skin.  A string of curse words spewed from his mouth.  Maddie would pay for her prevarication.  The woman needed to learn who wore the britches in the house.  He did.  Justin decided he needed more information, but his idiot wife wasn’t talking.  He learned an Amish couple adopted his child, but he figured Maddie knew precisely what couple had their daughter.  She had the nerve to tell him he wouldn’t be a wonderful father, that he wasn’t nothing but a drunk and an abuser.  What did that get her? A punch right in her ugly face.  He spit out a wad of tobacco and headed to his ford pickup.

     About an hour down the road he turned into Dutch Valley Restaurant  A blast of frosty air felt wonderful as he entered the restaurant.  His eyes explored the room.  Not his usual place to hang out in, but he needed something cold to drink and a bite to eat.  His stomach growled in agreement.  He picked up a menu to survey the drinks.  Just his luck, no beer. 

     “Gut’n owed.”

     Justin averted his eyes to the lady standing in front of him, pen poised over an order form.  “Excuse me?”

     The Amish girl bowed her head quickly, but raised it just as fast with a wide smile.  “I said good evening.”

     Justin observed the young waitress.  Her name was Lydia.  Brunett hair he assumed would fall past her waist if not up in a ball.  Dark blue eyes and a light dusting of freckles on her pale skin.  She was thin and average height.  Lydia didn’t resemble him or Maddie, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be his daughter.

     “May I take your order?” she asked nervously.

     “Ice tea.”  He skimmed the menu once again.  Nothing looked appealing. 

     “Need more time?” Lydia asked, interrupting his thoughts.

     He laid the menu aside.  “Ruben Panni and Sweet Potato fries.”

     Justin turned his attention to an Amish family sitting nearby.

     “Mamm, can I have dessert?”

     The older lady looked frazzled.  Justin counted the kids sitting with her.  He let out a low whistle.  Ten kids and it looked as if she may have one on the way. 

     “Brutzing!” The child immediately became quiet. 

    one of the older kids caught Justin starring.  “It’s not nice to stare.”

  “John, mind your manners,” A man reprimanded the boy.  “You know better, Sohn.”

     “Daed, can’t I have a slice of Shoefly Pie, it would be wunderbar gut.”

     The father laid warning eyes on the child that couldn’t be over six years old.  “Rachel, not another word.  Let us redd up.”

     Hopeful blue eyes shadowed with disappointment as tears glistened.  The older Amish girl took the toddler from her Mamm and told the other kids to follow her.   Justin took a bite of his sandwich and watched as the family strolled to the door.

     “Mr. try the Shoefly Pie.”  Rachel practically smacked her lips.  “It’s wunderbar gut.”  And then she skipped away to catch up with her sister.

     Justin cracked a smile.  He wondered what his own daughter looked like.  He realized one thing when he found her she wouldn’t have to be Amish any longer.  The restaurant had patrons that were Amish and some that weren’t.  Over in the next booth, he spotted two Amish girls.  He narrowed his eyes.  The two girls were in deep conversation.  Justin strained his ears to hear what they were saying.

Some Where Between Goodbye


The sound of goodbye caused me to look into your eyes

My nerves fell silent

and my breath cried for release

My hand reached out to you

but you had already stepped back

My heart shattered into an ache of sadness

I thought we were forever

but somewhere before forever arrived

you decided to leave

It was than I noticed you hadn’t walked away

Somewhere between goodbye hello floated in on a simple whisper

Our eyes met and we found an embrace

Somewhere between goodbye you found your way back to me

Keep Us In The Moment


Our love blows on every breath we take

Each invisible moment is seen between us

Where we hold each other in silent unspoken words

We meet each other in our daydreams,

and fantasize every length of us

Keep us in the moment

Allow ourselves to melt into each other

Turn the world off and let it just be us

We can fill our souls with our story

In each other’s arms we will never get lost

Our hearts is our compass, beating to our endless love

Keep us in the moment

Countless smiles of happiness lighten our face,

and we catch ourselves falling more in love

Kindling our romantic flame

Mesmerized by seductive pleasures that play with our emotions

Enticing us to always stay in the moment



I Still Remember Our First Kiss


I still remember our first kiss

Flavors of scented desire fluttered to life

Our emotions exhaled into a beautiful memory,

one we relive every chance we can

I can still taste the passion while my eyes stare at you

I still remember our first kiss

We felt each others heart beat mingle with love

My hands recollect the feel of you

Your handsome voice whispering my name

Happiness etched the lines of my face,

it mirrored yours

I still remember our first kiss

Lips cherished a melody that grew with every move

Silent words left chills down our spines,

while love danced in the moon light

Seconds within our kiss we no longer existed as two,

we became one

To this day and always I will remember our first kiss