Dreams Are Yours To Dream



Commence upon a rainbow of dreams.

Each color is filled with tinges of complementary pleasure.

An impression etched on a solicitous brain.

Dreams are meant to luxuriate,

not mummify and die.

A writer dreams to have a fruitful pen,

and a dictionary mind filled with ingenious vocabulary.

Imagination to embellish a blank page.

Musing to relinquish inspiration day or night.

A Singer dreams to sing mellifluous tones.

Serenade an audience upon a stupendous stage.

Musical chords of a siren’s voice,

harmonizing to a romantic tune.

An artist dreams of pictorial colors.

Paint that saturates a white canvas into a work of artistry.

Designs of of abstract creation.

Portrait to hang in an art museum.

A dancer dreams to be fluent with vivacious energy.

Expressive flare to each step.

Be able to compose a unique routine.

Keep the cadence beat.

A mom and dad dreams of nurturing their children into adulthood. Teach them the lessons of life.

Send them out into the world with love and knowledge,

to make their own way.

Dreams are a magical reflection of life.

Expectation of desires.

Morals for living,

Anticipation of existence.

Dreams are to be dreamed.

What is your dream?


Afraid Beyond The Door


Eyes peek through the peek hole of yearning

Cosmos taunts her

Illusion of the mind, or real?

Perspiration pools moisture of regret

Crepitate hissing sends sensation of frisson

Satire voices inside her mind ridicule

Throat terminates impending screams

Shallow breathing submerges her deeper

into the icy grip of fear

Delicate figure cowers in a corner

Spasmodic body cringes at each sound

Sweet nectar looses its calming effect

Habitual astral projection journeys

her to a hypnotic state

The way to freedom stays locked

Combination lost in a phobia’s brain

Nightmares of ghostly shadows whisper you are mine

Therefore she is afraid of what is beyond the door

The Moon Cries With Her


The night slips into depression when darkness falls

Even the moon cries endless tears since our paths faded

When the salty tears reach my lips I taste you

Endless moments I remember how we loved, and

how we said we would never be apart

I sat on a bed of loneliness and whisper your name

until I my body shivers from lack of you

Although each memory of you makes my emotions weep with:






But most of all:


Without you I’m not me, I am just a person trying to breathe

Watching daily as I fall into a million pieces, and at night

I sat on the moon and we cry for you


Wandering Through Blissful Peace



Moving through the woods where foot prints are molded in the worn path nature breathes. Measurable charm becomes magical. Winds gently massage away stress, blowing the cob webs of worry free.

A sense of awe becomes visible with each step. Flawless perfection was created by the master’s artful hand. Experience of enjoyment abounds. In the stillness of the day life slows down in the wooded sanctuary.

Exquisite sounds can be heard from nature’s stero, adding grandeur to the scene. A mysterious presence of comfort filters in the oasis of solitude, filling a void with restful nourishment. wandering through blissful peace sends cleansing  droplets of meditation.

Lingering sunlight spills through the shrouded canopy of trees. Glorious rustic  leafs delicate as a feather rustle in the soft breeze. The earth rich in its handiwork brings forth beauty. Angelic sky barren of clouds whisper serenity.

A Poet’s Dream

A poet’s ink can be……….poem

Painted words of pictures

Beautiful imagery that dance in eyelids of readers

Imagination that flow creative lines of inspiration

A journey that can unfold adventure or despair


Drama lives between each verse

Make a heart beat in excitement

Fill a mind with anticipation

Cause a feeling of exasperation


Phrases of melody or even melancholy

Felt within a soul with each passing whisper

Nector thoughts of loving glory,

or sad uncertain relationships that are nevermore


Stormy world crying war and terror

Flags of Freedom flying in the breeze

United We Stand


United We Fall

Tears sliding down soldiers cheeks praying for peace


A muse weaves poetic entertainment

Spilling romance, laughter, joy and tears

Melting the hearts of all who feast upon their creation

A Poet’s Ink is a Poet’s Dream!

In Her Grasp She Holds Herself


 Pain aching upon itself           

Her breathing becomes discontented

Fighting is impaired

The sun used to emit light,

but now seeps blackness

Tears collapse into sobs,

leaving a rainbow  disheartened 

A voice cries in silent muteness

The world obscures itself from her presence

All tomorrows languish away into barrenness

Existence  asphyxiates life

Ambivalence absorbs lingering strength

Hope is unresponsive

Her hands grasp a depleted body,

willing herself to live


Run Away Wife!

domestic violence, abuse and people concept - man beating woman on white background

     As Kaylee stood in front of the mirror watching her husband sleep, she wondered what she ever saw in him.

Love? Yes, he used to show her love and treated her as if she were exceptional.  What changed him into the person he was today, she just didn’t no. Kaylee winced as the searing pain shot through her bruised ribs from the beating that had occurred last night. Everything caused Rich to get angry. She couldn’t seem to do anything to please him.

     She’d been in the kitchen, so she could see when Rich pulled in the driveway, so she could put dinner on the table.  The phone had rung.  She had gotten involved talking with her friend and forgot all about dinner and Rich.

Just as she hung up the phone; Rich had come through the front door startling her with his entrance.

     “Why is dinner not on the table?” he bellowed.

     Kaylee had tried to explain about her friend calling, but he didn’t want to hear what he called excuses. “I’ll get it,” she had tried to calm him down. “it’s in the oven so it will be warm,” she’d said.

     Rich had become outraged.  Kaylee had braced herself for the first blow.  He had slung her into the stove causing her to hit her head.  Blood had poured from the cut above her forehead.  She had struggled to her feet only for him to shove her back down.  Kaylee finally had just stayed down as he kicked her again and again. Rich always knew how far he could go with the abuse to keep her from the hospital. He was a doctor and could treat her wounds and breaks at home. Once he had broken her right arm, she had begged to go to the hospital. He had just smirked at her, reset her arm and left the room.

     She threatened to leave him many times.  Kaylee had gone as for as packing her bags once.  Rich has beaten her until she passed out.  For days he kept her locked in the basement, treating her like a caged animal. Last night was the last straw. She knew if she stayed he would eventually kill her. She tiptoed from the room. The sleeping pills she had slipped in his nightcap still had him knocked out. She was leaving him, but had no family to go to. Kaylee thought about her friend Sarah, but didn’t want to endanger her life. She was on her own.


     Kaylee had been driving for two weeks, only taking time to stop for gas, and to use the restroom. She was bone tired and hurt all over, so she pulled off the interstate for a bite to eat. Kaylee got out the car and felt ill. She walked into the cafe and looked around for the restroom.

      “You’re not from around here, are you?” A waitress with too much perfume on asked.

     “I’m just passing through,” Kaylee managed to say before she passed out.

     “Take it easy, Doc Howard will be here shortly.” Someone said to her as the waitress pressed a cold cloth to her forehead.

     Kaylee tried to get up, but the waitress and some other person wouldn’t allow it. “I’m fine,” she tried to reassure them. “Just the heat got to me,” she continued in a quivery voice.

     She sat up on the little cot.  Kaylee wanted to leave before anyone started asking questions.  She stood up, but the room began to spin and she had to sit back down. Tears welled up in her eyes.

     “Miss, just take it easy, we’re not going to hurt you,” the other person murmured. “Lie back and relax.”

     “The cop you called is here!” a lady yelled from the door.

     Kaylee panicked. She jumped to her feet ignoring the pain and dizziness. “I dare you call the cops when I’ve done nothing wrong!” She screamed. “Get out of my way!” she yelled as she tried to make it to the door.

     “Miss, you’re not in any trouble, we just want to help you.”

     “What is going on back here?” A voice she recognized asked. “Kaylee Currington, what are you doing in Ohio? He stopped and stared at her. “What in God’s name happen to you?”

     “Matt,” she began to sob.

     “Sh-Sh-Sh- your safe,” he soothed.

     Matt had been Kaylee’s best friend in the entire world in grade school, and college. She had often wondered what happen to him. “You live in Ohio?” Her voice barely audible.

     Been living here for about four years now.” He held her hand in his. “You want to tell me what happened to your head?” He asked as he moved a piece of hair from her eyes.

     “The less you know the better,” she told him. “I need to get going,” Kaylee tried to stand, but Matt held her firmly in his embrace.

     “I’m a cop, let me help you,” he pleaded.

     “I just need to get as far away from Texas as possible.”

     “Doc Howard is here,” a lady said from the doorway.

     “Thanks Shelia, send Doc on back,” Matt instructed.

     “I don’t need to see a doctor,” Kaylee said as she stood.

     “You either let Doc Howard check you over, or we’ll go to the hospital,” he stated.

     A middle-age man entered the room. “I want bite,” he grinned.

     Kaylee gave up and sit back down on the cot. Matt stepped out the way. Kaylee winced as Doc Howard touched her bruised ribs.  Once again she felt dizzy. Doc Howard asked a few questions she reluctantly answered.


     Rich pulled his car into the cafe. He grinned as he saw Kaylee’s car, the tracking device had worked.  The detective had earned his money too.

     Rich entered the cafe, gun in hand. “Kaylee, I know you’re in here!” he yelled. “Come out come out where ever you are,” he singed song.

     She made a move toward the door. Matt stopped her. “Is that the monster of a husband you married?”

     All she could do was nod. Her whole body trembled in fear, not only for her life, but for everyone here. “just let me go,” she ordered.

     “And have him beat on you some more,” Matt said angrily. “I take he did this to you?” he asked as he took his gun from the holster.

     Matt told her to stay hidden. He headed to the front of the cafe. Kaylee could hear a dispute.  She walked out to where her husband stood with a gun on Shelia.

     “Rich, let her go,” Kaylee cried.

     He shoved Shelia to the floor and aimed the gun at her. Kaylee saw Matt out the corner of her eye. He motioned for her to duck down. Kaylee was so scared, but she did as Matt instructed.  Guns went off.  Rich fell to the floor with a bullet to the chest.

     Matt rushed to Kaylee’s side. “Is he dead?” she asked.

     “No, but it’s bad,” Matt told her.

     Police cars and an ambulance pulled up at the cafe. The paramedics loaded Rich into the ambulance to take him to the hospital where he underwent surgery.  He would live. He promised Kaylee that she would never be rid of him. She would pay one day.